Precision Signal Analyzer (Prototype Only)

Precision Signal Analyzer (PSA) is an FFT-based measurement system that employs Q Precision Instruments' featured PRISM-FFTTM technology. Using special designed ananog front-end and PRISM-FFT technology, Precision Signal Analyzer allows you to analyze electric signal spectrum with flexible configurations such as arbitrary center frequency, arbitrary frequency span, arbitrary resulution bandwidth (RBW), and so on. These features are not seen in ordinary FFT systems.

Precision Signal Analyzer

  • Frequency Range: DC to 500kHz (depends on ADC and DSP performance, up to few hundred MHz)
  • Input Voltage Range: 2Vp-p
  • Input Refered Noise Density: 5nV/rtHz max.
  • Input Interface: BNC-female, 1Mohm
  • Y Unit: Vrms, dBVrms, dBm, Vrms/rtHz, dBVrms/rtHz, dBm/Hz

Telemetry/Remote-Control Communication System (Prototype Only)

This system is a digital radio communication system for teremetry and remote control purposes. This communication system was equipped on a liquid-propellant rocket, worked very well, and sent a lot of observation data to the ground station. It proves Q Precision Instruments' reliable and robust design.

Telemeter Telemeter

  • Frequency: UHF Band
  • Communication Range: more than 10km (6 miles)
  • RF Transmit Power: less than 50mW
  • Modulation: Pi/4-Shift DQPSK, Fully digital IF design
  • Bit Rate: 15.625kbps, Half-Duplex